FleetLynx is North America’s leading fleet management software, helping fleet managers quickly comply with transport regulations while tracking data that can be used to control operating costs.

There is a lot of data for fleet managers to track: from inventory management and payroll to maintenance management systems (CMMS), your fleet is generating a constant stream of business intelligence for a variety of backend systems and software tools.

To control this flow of data, FleetLynx can easily integrate with your IT backend, helping to simplify, streamline, and automate your processes.

The key benefit?

FleetLynx data integration ultimately improves the efficiency of your fleet while reducing costs.

Quickly Integrate FleetLynx with Your IT Backend

Using an open API, FleetLynx’s fleet management solution quickly “plugs in” to your existing IT systems including:

  • Payroll: Simplify payroll by tying our Driver Services application directly into your payroll system.
  • CMMS: Be proactive about your parts inventory management and preventative maintenance by connecting real-time engine diagnostic data gathered by FleetLynx directly into your CMMS.
  • IFTA Reports: FleetLynx can simplify the creation of International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reports by automatically integrating mileage by state with your existing system.

Fleet Management Solutions Designed and Implemented By Experts

FleetLynx uses an open API, and can be quickly integrated with any internal IT backend.

On top of this flexibility, you can rely on our expert help to connect FleetLynx to your business.

The FleetLynx fleet management solution is designed and supported by our team of highly qualified engineers and software developers. We will work with you in order to integrate with your current internal systems. Let us know which system you have and we will contact the company and start the integration work with them.