A Comprehensive Fleet Management System for Both Your Trucks and Your Trailers

No more searching for lost or missing trailers, the FleetLynx solution allows you to track and manage your trailers, construction equipment, mobile generator sets, roll-off boxes, and other assets that may not be powered and don’t move frequently. Designed for outdoor use, the FleetLynx Asset Tracker is water resistant and dust proof to enable you to track trailers with or without a power source.

Know the exact location of all your trailers and automatically perform yard checks without having to ever leave your office.

Protect Your Assets against Theft and Unauthorized Use

The FleetLynx trailer tracking unit will automatically issue alerts when trailers move inside or outside specific areas you define. The unit has three additional inputs that can be connected to sensors for detecting the opening and closing of the trailer’s doors, the absence or presence of cargo, or the temperature within the trailer.

Tethered or Untethered, We Have You Covered

The FleetLynx trailer tracking unit works with both tethered and untethered trailers. Integrated inside the unit is a 3.8 Ah lithium ion rechargeable battery pack that can keep track of your trailers for a period of 6 months without a power source.

Improving Trailer Utilization Leads to Increased Revenues.

Get detailed reports on the utilization of your trailers. The FleetLynx trailer tracking solution allows you to keep track of all assigned and unassigned trailers so you can optimize their usage and increase revenue.  With the optional cargo sensor, you will know when the trailer is loaded and ready for pickup, or unloaded and ready to be redeployed. The result is improved trailer utilization, more productive drivers, and increased profits.

FleetLynx Trailer and Asset Tracking Unit

FleetLynx Legion

FleetLynx Covert for Asset and Trailer Tracking

FleetLynx Covert