Utility and service fleets face increasing economic and regulatory pressures that threaten their profitability.

FleetLynx fleet management software helps ease the pressure on utility and service fleets by providing you with GPS Vehicle tracking and real-time data that you and your team can use to effectively manage your vehicles and help improve driver safety and efficiency.

Reduce Fuel Costs by Changing Driver Behavior

FleetLynx helps service fleets manage and reduce fuel consumption while controlling costs and reducing your fleet’s carbon footprint.

FleetLynx improves your overall fuel economy by:

  • Optimizing routing and dispatching to improve fuel consumption and reduce costs
  • Eliminating unauthorized use of fleet vehicles to reduce wasted fuel
  • Monitoring idling times and speed to reduce behavior that wastes fuel

Our fleet management solution also ensures vehicles in your fleet are operating efficiently through FleetLynx’s engine diagnostic data collection.

Improve Safety and Reduce Costs by Understanding Driver Behaviour

Improve fleet safety and reduce costs by monitoring and understanding driving habits. Fleet managers can use detailed historical data captured by FleetLynx to develop training programs to reduce unnecessary idling, speeding, and inaccurate shifting to reduce fuel consumption and your costs.

Continuously Improve by Documenting Fleet Performance

The FleetLynx fleet management system stores all your historical fleet data indefinitely. Not only does this provide you with the means to monitor and compare improvements year after year but also provides you with proof that can be used for accident management or potentially to lower the cost of insuring your fleet.