FleetLynx Fleet Management Solutions Provides Value in All Aspects of Your Operations

  • The installation FleetLynx provides the service department with incremental service revenue.
  • Dealer access to the Data collected from the vehicle helps the service department quickly and accurately diagnose problems in real-time from anywhere in the world. Save time and money on diagnosing and trouble-shooting in the field – know what is wrong before service is deployed.
  • Dealer access to mileage and engine hours allows the service department to proactively schedule maintenance, thereby increasing efficiency in maintenance provision for your customers.
  • FleetLynx is available through the PACCAR Parts ordering system.
  • Revenue generated is not just from the part sale, but also the monthly service fees. This is per month per unit, so this reoccurring revenue can grow significantly.
  • Instantly retrieve odometer readings any-time, any-where, for any truck in your fleet.
  • View mileage by state data for simple IFTA reporting.
  • Retrieve and view historical asset data for any truck, including driving behavior, faults, mileage, and more.
  • Many fleet customers are seeking after-market solutions for trucks that are not equipped to meet their requirements. Since FleetLynx is available through the PACCAR Parts ordering system, you can meet your customers’ needs at the point of sale.
  • Increase your competitive advantage while providing added value for your customers.

Some Reseller Benefits Include:

Your fleet customers are demanding solutions. Fleet Management Systems are now in great demand by your fleet and lease clients with a rapidly growing market addressing 7million users. Whether driven by regulatory compliance or operational efficiency, your customers are looking for a solution and need to know that they should look to you!

Insight to your fleet customers’ needs.

Dealers can login to the secure web portal to access data on fuel economy, driver behavior, diagnostics including chassis, engine and transmission fault codes, vehicle tracking and more.

Proactive Maintenance

Data driven service programs.

Track mileage and engine hours to gain insight into preferred service scheduling. Through proactive service management, the dealership can drive focused service programs and additional services revenue. Dealer costs will also be reduced as the actual truck faults can be diagnosed 1000 miles away and the proper solution can be applied.

Parts Revenue

Margin on the part as well as reoccurring subscription fees.

Revenue from adhoc parts sales and upgrades have the potential to be applied to every fleet and lease vehicle in the dealership, along with any ongoing fleet management subscription fees on a per vehicle basis.

Improved Asset Tracking

Real-time GPS track & trace.

Know the location of your lease and rental trucks, sales trucks, service trucks, or any assets of your choice. Real time GPS and historical tracking right at your fingertips.