Truck Fleet Management Software for Oil & Gas Fleets

Oil and gas service companies must provide a safe work environment for drivers while improving the efficiency of their fleets.

Companies in the energy sector also need to manage fluctuations in the price of fuel for trucks, replenishment cycles, and exploration and delivery schedules, all while optimizing business processes to reduce costs.

All this has to be done while the drivers are working off the grid in the most demanding, remote, and harsh work environments on the planet.

How FleetLynx Fleet Management Helps Oil & Gas Fleets

FleetLynx is a hardware and software solution that is based around an in-vehicle unit installed in the frack trucks, oil tankers, pick-up trucks or any other vehicle used by oil and gas companies.

FleetLynx gives oil and gas companies with the tools to:

  • Reduce fuel costs by monitoring fuel consumption and idle times to improve fuel economy and save costs.
  • Improve compliance by simplifying how you manage complex oil and gas Hours of Service regulations using the FleetLynx Driver Services application.
  • Improve efficiency by allowing you to plan routes efficiently and accurately.
  • Increase fleet safety by tracking lone drivers and identify high risk driving behavior on all types of roads.

Implement geofences with GIS overlaysto keep assets safe and efficiently dispatch

  •  vehicles to the appropriate destinations.

Monitor Fleet Location in Real Time

Driver and vehicle performance including GPS data is transmitted by the in-vehicle unit through cellular and WiFi connections to your operation’s FleetLynx Portal.

This constant stream of data from remote locations in the oil field gives fleet managers back home the ability to monitor all this information in real-time on the web and make informed decisions to improve the fleet’s safety and efficiency.

FleetLynx Oil & Gas: Software Solution Features

Critical Event Reporting 

With FleetLynx’s ability to present real-time information about what is happening out in the field, fleet managers have the ability to react to critical events as they happen.

Local Onboard Data Recording

No matter how far out your vehicle is in the field, your data is always recorded regardless of the coverage area of the cellular network. The FleetLynx in-vehicle unit records the data until it has a connection to upload it

Map Layers

Add LSD grids as well as detailed oilfield roads, pipelines, and other data to your FleetLynx Portal.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing IT Infrastructure

FleetLynx uses an open API which “plugs in” quickly and easily to your existing internal systems, including ERP, inventory management, maintenance management, and more.