It can be costly to comply with regulations. On top of that, long-haul fleet operators often find it challenging to get the data they need to:

  • Improve safety
  • Achieve better SCA scores
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Improve brand reputation
  • Submit their IRP (International Registration Plan) and IFTA (international fuel tax agreement) reports accurately and on time

The first steps to regulatory compliance, improving safety and reducing costs is equipping your operations staff and drivers with FleetLynx, a powerful tool that makes long-haul fleet management simple.

Gather Data From Across Your Fleet, Improve Safety

FleetLynx provides real-time vehicle and mobile asset information for your “back office” of dispatchers and all levels of management. This data about individual vehicles and their drivers can be wielded to make changes to your fleet operations to improve safety and reduce risk. Data collected and presented in real-time by FleetLynx includes:

  • Vehicle maintenance history
  • Pre/post-trip inspection
  • Hours of Service
  • Driver behaviour
  • Individual Vehicle Distance Record (IVDR) for IRP and IFTA reporting

Mobile Apps Provide Real-Time, Web-Based Reporting Reduces Risks

As a web-based software package, FleetLynx includes a mobile app for smartphones and tablets, and support of the mobile app for electronic driver logs.  FleetLynx also includes on-board hardware and fleet management solutions with ERP integration for real-time reporting of vehicle diagnostics. FleetLynx streamlines data collection while reducing the cost of mandatory regulatory compliance, eliminating the traditional manual- and paper-based compliance of the trucking industry. FleetLynx also reduces the risk of being uncompliant by providing alerting the driver that he or she is coming close to their daily HOS limits.

Improve Driver Behavior and the Safety Rating of Your Long-Haul Fleet

Modifying driver behavior is often the single biggest contributor to decreasing your fleet costs and improving ROI. Data collected by FleetLynx can be used to promote:

  • Less aggressive driving
  • Reducing unnecessary idling
  • Maintaining speed-limits
  • Ensuring your fleet vehicle is maintained in good working order
  • Adhering to personal use policies

The benefit? Directly contribute to fuel-savings while measurably improving safety – good for your reputation and good for your bottom line.

Other Benefits for Long-Haul Fleets

  • Reduce fuel use through idle and speed management
  • Increase productivity through task optimization and route management
  • Improve safety records through electronic driver logs and process simplification for staff and submission
  • Improve service quality through route management and resource planning
  • Increase asset life-cycles through proactive maintenance programs and real-time monitoring of service diagnostics
  • Reduce carbon footprint through mileage improvement, idle management and route management