FleetLynx Fuel Economy Dashboard

Even as fuel costs spike unpredictably, fleet managers must still anticipate, control, and ultimately reduce costs.

To help act as a hedge against this unpredictability, FleetLynx allows you to track, record and analyze fuel consumption across your fleet, including common driving behaviors that may impact fuel efficiency and your margins, all while complying with complex regulations.

FleetLynx gathers and presents reliable data for every vehicle, giving you real insights about your operations, empowering you to create a plan to reduce fuel costs.

Understand Vehicle and Driver Performance

FleetLynx provides you with a powerful software tool to monitor and understand performance that affects fleet fuel consumption, including:

  • Unnecessary idling
  • Over-revving and improper braking
  • Shifting habits and speeding
  • Tire pressure and other vehicle diagnostics

By recognizing and tracking how these impact the fuel consumption of your fleet, you can make a plan to reduce fuel costs.

We needed to measure idle fuel burned before and after making adjustments to operational instructions, and FleetLynx helped us do this. Measuring before and after with real metrics produces actionable results that has helped our bottom line. – Civic fleet operator

Educate your drivers

Once you understand their individual driving habits, it becomes possible to educate drivers about how they can improve their driving to help manage and even reduce fuel costs.

Eliminate speeding and unnecessary idling, plan more efficient routes, and quickly identify issues with vehicle performance. The end result? Stay on budget, or even increase your margins.

FleetLynx gathers and presents data online, in real-time, in a comprehensive dashboard, making it easy to educate your drivers and help them change their behaviour.

Measure and Optimize Performance, Celebrate Wins

Knowledge is power. Equipped with the ability to measure and understand fuel consumption and waste, you become empowered to make real improvements while reducing guesswork.

FleetLynx makes it possible to take a snapshot of your current operations, set goals, and then create a plan to achieve them.

After that, measure and optimize your performance, and celebrate your wins while putting more cash in the bank.