FleetLynx’s GPS fleet tracking tool helps fleet managers keep close track of vehicles to prevent theft and misuse while efficiently complying with transport regulations and controlling or even reducing fleet operating costs.

FleetLynx stores data generated by your fleet for as long as you need, making it easy for you to pinpoint the exact location of any vehicle at any time during its service history.

Track Truck Location, Diagnostics, and Fuel Consumption in Real Time

Besides allowing fleet managers to keep tabs on fleet vehicles in real time over the web, FleetLynx’s GPS vehicle tracking allows you to:

  • Examine detailed information on wait times and idle times to help reduce fuel consumption
  • Streamline your operations by automating IFTA fuel and mileage reporting
  • Monitor vehicle engine diagnostics in real time to proactively maintain your fleet
  • Log a daily chronology of the activities of each vehicle in your fleet to understand driver behavior

Once fleet managers understand driver behaviour and driving habits, you can implement training to improve safety and help lower insurance rates while improving brand reputation.

Integrate GPS Tracking Data Seamlessly With Your Backend

The FleetLynx open API makes it easy to integrate GPS and other data about individual vehicles in your fleet with your IT backend. Other FleetLynx GPS fleet tracking features include:

  • Scalability for any fleet size
  • Over-the-air software updates keep your vehicles in service

A “black box” stores your data so, in case of loss of connection and resending it once the connection is restored so you never lose your data.

GPS Data Sent in Real-Time Via Cellular and WiFi Networks

A “black box” connected to the truck engine everything possible.

The black box has GPS capabilities to precisely log the location of your assets at all times. The FleetLynx black box also remains connected to cellular networks to send you a constant flow of data.

Data, including location, performance, fuel consumption, and even who is driving your truck can be accessed from the FleetLynx web portal in real-time.