It can be hectic and challenging for municipalities and local governments to maintain and manage a diverse fleet of vehicles and equipment while controlling costs.

Every day, municipal fleet managers must conduct maintenance on a wide variety of vehicles, must ensure pre- and post-trip inspections are properly performed, and must know where their vehicles are at all times, all while reducing fuel costs.

Municipal fleet managers must also collect and integrate data from a variety of sensors to track workplan performance.

FleetLynx provides powerful fleet management software for government vehicle and fleet managers to meet these challenges.

FleetLynx Integrates All of Your Diagnostic and Performance Data

Municipal fleets can produce an almost unlimited amount of diagnostic and performance data from a variety of vehicles and sensors ,

Their vehicles usually utilize On-board Diagnostic Parameter ID’s (OBD-II) and SAE J1939 Communications. The FleetLynx hardware accommodates both standards so all data from all your vehicles is in one place.

The FleetLynx module has dedicated general-purpose inputs that can monitor the activity of any special equipment mounted on your fleet vehicles.

Quickly Address Citizen Complaints with Historical Tracking

Municipal fleet managers must regularly document citizen complaints about speeding, dangerous driving and lapses in service.

FleetLynx helps address and reduce citizen complaints by providing historical tracking, making it easy for you to pinpoint the exact historical location of a vehicle at any given time.

Fleetlynx: Increase Your Fleet Efficiency by Integrating Data

FleetLynx helps you increase fleet efficiency by collecting data from everything from snowplows to garbage trucks. FleetLynx is able to integrate data from almost any sensor to provide fleet managers with action insights in real time, and keeps a historical record of every task assigned to every vehicle.

FleetLynx improves the productivity of your fleet by:

  • Increasing asset utilization by improving dispatching and routing jobs to the closest vehicle.
  • Reducing fuel costs by monitoring fleet idle times and driver behaviour.
  • Providing historical proof of service by recording the number of stops for vehicles.
  • Reducing breakdowns by providing fleet managers with real-time engine diagnostic information.

Track Multiple Sources of Data, Get Reports in One Place

FleetLynx provides complex municipal fleets with a variety of powerful tools that integrate data in one place from a variety of sensors, including:

  • GPS Tracking: Real-time tracking of all your vehicles using any internet enabled device.
  • Electronic Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections: Ensure pre- and post-trip inspections are performed regularly and accurately with the FleetLynx mobile app for drivers.
  • Engine Diagnostics: Get detailed, real-time engine diagnostics delivered via the web that integrates with your fleet maintenance and parts inventory software back end.
  • General Purpose Input: Our FleetLynx module has dedicated inputs that can be used to monitor activity of any special equipment mounted on the vehicles.

Well-Known by Dealers, Easy to Install

Designed and built specifically for use in Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks, FleetLynx is now offered for use in all types of trucks and is sold directly or through any PACCAR dealership in the United States and Canada.

The FleetLynx team has also developed a reputation for responsive, personalized customer service to help troubleshoot and quickly provide you support to get up and running.