FleetLynx is North America’s leading fleet management software, helping fleet managers quickly comply with transport regulations while controlling operating costs and keeping track of vehicles to prevent theft and misuse.

Designed to meet the needs of Long Haul Fleets, Oil & Gas Fleets, Service Fleets, and Government Fleets, FleetLynx is an easy-to-implement solution for upcoming mandatory electronic onboard recording systems (EOBR) for fleets operating in North America. Learn more.

Access Comprehensive Fleet Data in Real TimeTruck Fleet

With a “black box” connected to the truck engine everything is possible.

The black box has GPS capabilities and also remains connected to cellular networks to send you a constant flow of data. That data, including location, performance, fuel consumption, and even who is driving your truck can be accessed from the FleetLynx web portal in real-time.

Keep Track of Hours of Service (HOS) While Automating Payroll

Fleet managers are required by law to keep track of hours of service (HOS). Traditionally, this tracking has been documented manually by the driver, which can lead to inaccuracies and, in the worst case, fines from regulators.

FleetLynx is a true EOBR that provides real-time monitoring of drivers’ hours to not only comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules, but also make automating payroll much easier for fleet managers.  FleetLynx shifts logging hours to an online system to dramatically increase accuracy and track payroll at the same time.

Streamline Reporting, Reduce Costs

FleetLynx Dashboard

Screenshot of the FleetLynx Dashboard

Besides providing real-time vehicle diagnostics and GPS fleet tracking, FleetLynx arms operators of long haul fleets with a powerful tool for streamlining both regulatory compliance and tracking and reporting fuel consumption.

With vehicles dispatched all over North America, fleet managers often need to quickly and easily remotely track and report fuel purchases and mileage across multiple jurisdictions. FleetLynx makes it easy to automate IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reporting to ensure you receive fuel tax rebates or never miss a payment.

Get EOBR-Compliant and Live Fleet Diagnostics

Unlike many competing products, FleetLynx is intuitive, expandable and provides extensive data for third-party integration and automation. FleetLynx is a powerful fleet management tool that provides alerts, reporting, and CAN engine data, thanks to an open API architecture that can integrate with your IT back end.

Costs associated with fueling and vehicle maintenance is easily tracked and ROI can be quickly proven with a deployment of the FleetLynx smart vehicle management system.

Well-Known by Dealers, Easy to Install

Designed and built specifically for use in PACCAR trucks, the FleetLynx fleet management solution is now offered for use in all types of trucks and is sold directly or through any Kenworth or Peterbilt dealership in the United States and Canada.

The FleetLynx team has also developed a reputation for responsive, personalized customer service to help troubleshoot and quickly provide you support to get up and running.

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