Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) will soon be mandatory for all trucking fleets operating across North America. FleetLynx makes compliance with these new FMCSA rules, as well as existing regulations such IFTA fuel tax reporting, quick and easy to achieve.

Tracking Hours of Service with ELDs

By law, ELDs will soon replace the paper logs drivers have traditionally been required to use to document their Hours of Service (HOS). FleetLynx makes it straightforward to comply with the industry-wide shift to ELDs, while even helping reducing fuel consumption.

Electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) has been a common industry term for electronic driver logs used track Hours of Service (HOS). The upcoming new FMCSA legislation has created a new name for these devices – Electronic Driver Logs (ELDs).

FleetLynx: Powerful IFTA Fuel Tax Software

FleetLynx also drastically reduces the amount of time spent on IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reporting while ensuring you never miss a payment or fail to get reimbursed. FleetLynx tracks mileage driven in each state, and can pair that information with your fuel purchases to produce a fully compliant IFTA report that is ready for submission.

FleetLynx also helps Canadian fleet operators calculate the percentage of total mileage traveled in Canada which can then be used to calculate WCB assessments.

Reporting and regulatory compliance that used to take hours each month now takes minutes thanks to FleeyLynx’s automated software tools.

Go Beyond Compliance: Track and Optimize Performance

Besides facilitating regulatory compliance, FleetLynx also helps track and improve driver and vehicle performance.

FleetLynx’s ELD-compliant solution connects directly to a vehicle’s engine control module and store data, as well as transmit it wirelessly to the cloud.

There, analytics reports can help drivers and fleets manage performance more effectively to monitor fuel consumption, ensure timely vehicle maintenance through diagnostic reporting, help to monitor driver behavior and provide real-time data for better customer service.

FMSCA-compliant ELDs record:

  • Name of driver and any co-driver(s)
  • Duty status
  • Date and time
  • Location of the commercial motor vehicle (CMV)
  • Distance traveled
  • Name and USDOT Number of the motor carrier
  • 24-hour period starting time
  • Compute cumulative duty hours and driving time over multiday trips
  • Hours in each duty status for the 24-hour period, and total hours
  • Truck or tractor and trailer number
  • Shipping document number(s), or name of shipper and commodity