It takes valuable time for your drivers to make sure your fleet stays compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Paperwork and old technology, combined with new rules and regulations makes it nearly impossible for drivers to efficiently do what it takes to reliably document and update pre- and post-trip Hours of Service, maintenance logs, and other information your fleet needs to stay safe, compliant, and profitable.

FleetLynx Driver Services can help.

FleetLynx for Drivers: Simple Solutions for Labor-Intensive Tasks

FleetLynx Driver Services is a mobile, web-based solution for drivers that automates what has traditionally been time-consuming tasks for drivers that often produce inaccurate results, including:

  • Electronically performing and submitting pre-and post-trip inspections
  • Logging Hours of Service document inspections
  • Tracking expenses and fuel purchases
  • Managing and completing loads

Driver data, including Hours of Service (HOS), rod charts, inspections, expenses, vehicle routes and more is automatically captured with the FleetLynx Driver Services smartphone and tablet mobile app.

Data about each driver and vehicle can then be immediately viewed by fleet managers, operations staff and dispatchers in real-time from the web.

Give Drivers the Tools They Need to Save Time

FleetLynx provides drivers with powerful tools that save time and increase accuracy:

  • Ensure HOS compliance with the 35 different rule sets of FMCSA Regulations
  • Create Driver log rod charts with a monthly summary
  • Full ELD compliance when used with FleetLynx Fleet Management software

FleetLynx Driver Services helps drivers quickly and accurately view information they need to help your fleet comply with regulations, including:

  • View completed, signed Driver Logs right from your device
  • Email or Print logs and inspection reports from your device
  • Immediate reporting of inspection failures (with pictures)

The increased efficiency from implementing FleetLynx Driver Services saves hours every week spent on required paperwork, allowing drivers to focus on driving.

Simplify Your Payroll

FleetLynx also produces automatic payroll reports for all drivers based on the driver logs submitted by drivers. Payroll reports can be generated based on miles driven or hours worked.