Vecima’s FleetLynx is a web-based fleet management solution that uses real-time data to help fleet managers increase efficiency and reduce costs. Fully EOBR/ELD-compliant in preparation for upcoming changes to FMCSA rules, FleetLynx simplifies fleet management with an integrated hardware and web-based software solution that allows you to:

  • Keep your assets safe by tracking location in real-time using GPS technology
  • Quickly comply with FMCSA rules and HoS reporting
  • Save costs by capturing detailed engine diagnostics and scheduling preventative maintenance
  • Reduce fuel costs and improve fleet reputation by tracking driver behavior
  • Reduce paperwork by automating IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reporting

FleetLynx brings all of this data together with a powerful online portal that can be customized to your requirements using Vecima’s in house engineers or via an open API. Sold by major truck dealers across North America, FleetLynx provides a powerful, intuitive web-based solution for long-haul fleets, oil & gas exploration, municipal fleets, and utilities.

About Vecima

Vecima Networks developed FleetLynx after being approached by a major North American truck manufacturer to help solve critical challenges facing fleet operators. Why? Upcoming FMCSA rules mandating ELD’s, increasing scrutiny of driver HoS, as well as a continual increase in fuel prices has left fleet managers looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce costs. Vecima Networks has a reputation as a technology pioneer specializing in managing huge amounts of data over wired and wireless networks. Vecima used this technical skill to work closely with the trucking industry to create FleetLynx and provide fleet managers with comprehensive regulatory compliance along with enhanced vehicle metrics and other compelling user features. Vecima is headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia. The company’s main manufacturing facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan employs more than 500 technology professionals.